The Second Sunday after the Epiphany

This Sunday we read and hear the story of Jesus’ first miraculous sign. He restocks the wine cellar at the wedding of Cana with a lot of wine. I am always struck by the fact that this miracle really saves a family from embarrassment. Jesus is preserving a couple’s joy on their wedding day. No one’s life is saved this day. It is a small thing, hardly earth shattering. Jesus does it in secret. It is something only servants know. Is that John telling us servants of Jesus that we are in the know here? I think so.

I gotten two “save the date” notes from nephews and their fiances this week. It will be a summer of weddings. Jesus will be there. He will be working for our joy. I think we will make sure there is enough wine and beer on hand, but He will be there delighting the in party.

Christ brings us joy. The preacher will want to think about that this week. How has he brought you joy? How will he do so tomorrow? John tells us that Jesus wants our joy to be complete. How will we preach toward joy?

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