Seventh Sunday of Easter – Series C 

We have come once more to this really strange Sunday. It is sort of the advent/lent of Pentecost. Jesus has ascended; his disciples are left gaping as they stare into the sky, hoping to catch one last glimpse of him. Just before he left, he told them to wait in Jerusalem for the Spirit, the Gift from the Father. The Spirit has not yet been poured out; at least in our liturgical practice we would remember those ten days between the Ascension and Pentecost, when that had not yet happened. This is how I think it is a little like Advent. In that Christmas prelude we remember the time before the birth of Jesus when the children of Israel had to rely upon this promised Messiah. This remembering and waiting are a salutary things for Christians to do. If nothing else, this Sunday could give us a reason to focus on our need for the Holy Spirit. And we likely need to remember just how much we depend upon that Spirit. We could perhaps be excused for taking the Spirit for granted. He is a gentle member of the Trinity, he does not assert himself or his own worship, but is always pointing us toward Jesus. As my Systematics professor once said, “The Holy Spirit is shy.” He much prefers to stand behind something or someone, rarely does he show himself outright, lest he detracts or distracts from Jesus.

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