Second Sunday of Easter – Series C 

That same Jesus, risen from the dead is right in this room right now. He rose so he could be with you. He rose because you too are afraid and being afraid makes for a small and miserable life to live. He replaces your fear with a holy joy, a joy that flows out of his wounds. He rose to be with you and take away your fear. That fear would also lock your Christianity up in a room lest anyone know. He rose because your call as a witness needs your tongue to be loosed. He rose so you may confess the resurrection of the dead through lives of hope and joy. Finally, he rose because it is hard to believe this message. Our enemy has twisted and misconstrued this world so that faith is mocked and considered a slight thing. Jesus rose because your faith, the faith you can gin up, is not enough. It needs Him, it needs to be a faith He gives you, strengthens, and helps. Jesus breaths on them and gives the Holy Spirit. He has breathed on all this world in Pentecost and given the Holy Spirit that you believe today.

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