Fourth Sunday after Epiphany – Series C 

Last week we were shocked to find Jesus in his rejection. Self-respecting Messiahs do not get rejected, they are winners and people love them. But not our Messiah, his great messiah work was accomplished on a cross, an instrument of torture reserved for the bottom dwelling losers of Roman society. 

This week, in the verses which immediately follow those we read last week, we see him perhaps in a little more comfortable role, until, that is, we see him turn to us and administer the kingdom to me too. We understand that other people need help, but I do? Yes, a little cosmetic work around the edges, perhaps. My eyes don’t see quite so clearly as I would like so a little laser surgery there would be good idea. Yeah, I should shed a few pounds, and I feel the peripheral problems of health and aging, but I am otherwise OK. I mean, fix a few aches and pains and I am alright. What!? You say, I need a complete redo, a reboot of my life, do over? I rather liked what it was, it had a few rough spots but I thought I was doing OK with this. Our Lord hears this sort of blather and looks on us with steady and penetrating eyes. To our shock, with words of power and authority, Jesus says, “I command you to come out…” He is talking to us! 

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