Fifth Sunday after Epiphany – Series C 

Last week we preached the power and authority of Jesus. That is on display this week too. Who needs that fancy fish-finder from Bass Pro Shop when you have Jesus? Just throw the net in the water in broad daylight and he will fill it with fish. We have lost our wonder at what happens in this text. We walk by the seafood display at the grocery store, see the factory ships hauling in thousands of pounds of fish at a time, and we are not impressed by Jesus and this netful of fish. Or perhaps we have just read this story too often in Sunday school, but our reaction needs to be closer to Peter’s. He fell upon his knees and begged Jesus to leave. This is just too much for him. The clumsy nets of ancient fishermen only worked at night. This was broad daylight. Jesus apparently tells the fish to swim into the net and they do. Jesus again demonstrates his divinity here. This is what Peter sees in this net filled with fish. But the upshot of this miracle is that Jesus calls Peter, his business partners, and us to a whole new way of life. We are all fishers of men, part of that great movement which Jesus started, and which continues to attract and recruit people to this day. Did you know that today, if it is a normal day, sees 100,000 new Christians? That is simply the number to keep Christianity at an equilibrium. In fact, Christianity is growing around the world. The number of new Christians is greater than 100,000.

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