Third Sunday of Advent – Series B

The point of the incarnation could be said that God wanted to bring us all back into the hearty joy which he has all the time. Remember, God is wholly other than we are. His very essence is different than ours. The great intellectual failure of the atheist movement is to imagine that God is inside the universe and somehow shares our being. No, he does not share our being. He gives us being. Without him, we do not exist. But he exists without us. His being is superior to ours. This in fact is necessary to proclaim the incarnation. Jesus did not just move to another part of the cosmos when he took humanity to himself, he entered the cosmos itself. He exists apart from it. Yes, that meant he suffered, and that suffering was real. Jesus’ sorrow was his sacrifice so that we might have joy. That renewed relationship with God, established by Christ, imparted by the work of the Spirit, who gives us God’s real joy. By the incarnation he connects the two kinds of being.

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