Proper 28 – Series B 


The broken world which so afflicts us is precious to God. He loves it, He loves our physical selves, and He delights in all his creation. He is grieved by sin, the destruction, and the evil of this world. Being on God’s team means that we work against that. We will not fail. He has won the day on the cross. We won’t see the end of this story until Jesus reveals Himself in glory, but we are not troubled by that. We labor with a strange and holy joy. Jesus has brought us into God’s presence, not through some strange vision or out-of-body experience, but through a very in-body experience of Sacrament and His very in the body death on a cross.

So we care about the schools in our neighborhood, the people living under a tarp at the exit ramp, the meth addict, and the broken political system. And when all of these elements coincide in the same person or place, we work the harder for we know that Jesus has come into this world for all its brokenness and saved it.

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