Proper 10 – Series B 

The mechanism of God’s unity is found in the forgiveness of Christ. Read the passage carefully and notice how Paul keeps coming back that blood of Jesus. That death of Christ on the cross is the basis for true unity. I think the third Gospel point above is really the heart of this sermon. The world needs what I have as a Christian. I can talk to anyone. I am a forgiven sinner and nothing the world can do can change that. What is more, I can start every conversation by recognizing the truth that Jesus died for every sin that my neighbor has committed. I do not have scores to settle, not really. It might be good for him to repair that window which he has broken. He may need to come to realize that what he or she has done has harmed me and is wrong, but my unity and love for that person is not dependent upon what he does but upon what Christ has already done. (excerpt from the notes on Ephesians)

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