Pentecost 18

Jesus speaks to a rich man this week. Amos has words for the wealthy of his day. I was heading home from Church yesterday and turned on the radio in my car for a few minutes. They were interviewing an economist who made a really interesting observation. We want Amazon but we don’t want Jeff Bezos. He was talking about the antipathy which the super rich experience, but we are unwilling to forego the convenience which has funded Bezos’ super yachts and space travel. We like to have the Amazon shopping experience, and it is nice to get our gizmo the next day with our Prime account.

It would be just too easy to take pot shots at the wealthy this week. The problem both Amos and Jesus see is a first commandment issue. Whom do we trust. Cast that way, Amos’ words might come a little closer to home. Have we constructed not houses of hewn stone and pleasant vineyards but IRA’s and 401k accounts? They imagined that they would live in their beautiful homes, do we trust our savings too much? The houses would be torn down by Assyrians and the vineyards, if not burned out, would be enjoyed by others whom the Assyrians brought in to tend the fields and vineyards of Israel. Do we forget that our security really lies with God. Yes, plan for retirement, but do not forget that we are the sheep of God’s fold.

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