History of Sunday Sermon

In 2007 Chris Reinke, then director of the Leadership Advancement Process (LAP), contacted Professor Phillip Brandt of Concordia University about starting a weekly discussion group and email which would support Licensed Lay Deacons in the Northwest District. These men were being asked to preach every week and the district needed to support them. 

Beginning with an online weekly discussion of the readings for the following Sunday, the Sunday Sermon project was born. Forged in discussions with servants who were engaged in the weekly struggle to write and preach a sermon, the notes grew and became a regular publication. The discussion groups ended in 2017 but the weekly publication of the notes continued. By the end of 2020 over 500 were on the distribution. 

Without the input of those Licensed Deacons, soon joined by a group of Pastors, this would never have taken shape. Kudos to the many who labored in the kingdom and took a few minutes to make all these better. 

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