Festival of the Reformation

A little over 500 years ago Luther nailed those 95 Theses. In 2017 we were all in a dither about this along with the world. It was a big deal. Things are very different this year; the Reformation almost seems like a luxury in days of COVID, elections, and social unrest. But it is the contention of this professor of Reformation History that the real Reformation (Re-Forming the Church) happened in the years immediately after the 95 These were posted. Luther, after the 95 Theses were posted, was thrust into a position of some fame and notoriety. His Theses had touched a nerve. But the Augustinian Monk who walked up to the doors of the Castle Church to post his Theses was not really yet a reformer in anything but the common medieval sense. The medieval church has been described as a series of reformations until one worked (Luther’s!). What happened in 1518 and 1519, however, turned Luther and his nascent movement into a true Reformation.

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