Festival of the Reformation – 2023

This sermon is a sermon about ministry to some extent, but I think more about the mission of the Church as a whole. John sees this angel flying high – but who is he? We probably have this text today because those who choose these readers want us to think of Luther as the referent. It is true, in a dark time his voice rang clear and true and called many to glorify God, fear Him, and worship Him who made all things. But it is an angel who proclaims this – and the word angel means someone who is sent, a messenger. We assert that this same clarion call comes to us today. Through this preacher? Yes. Through your parishioners, absolutely. By making the leap to suggest that this was Luther 500 years ago, we also open up the idea that the same God is speaking through us. That the same bright call, needed then and needed now, is being issued.

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