Epiphany 5, 2024

Where will we see Jesus? Epiphany is about revealing Him to us. We have noticed that he gathers people. He casts out demons and preaches with authority. Those are good clues for us to pick up on. But this week we get another. Jesus, obedient to the mission His Father has given Him, goes out. Jesus is found in those liminal places, on the edge, on a frontier, questing after the next benighted human being who needs to be saved. Yes, he spent his time in Capernaum and frequently was found in the company of His familiar disciples and friends. Yet, there was also a restless quality to Him. He sought people out, and often they were surprising people to be sought: tax collectors like Matthew and Zachaeus, a persecutor such as Saul of Tarsus, the Samaritan woman of John 4 and the blind man of John 9.

Where is Jesus pushing the boundaries for us? Where is He questing after the lost and least and broken people. Many have seen our Lord working potently on the mission field. Some find Him at work under the bridges and in the homeless shelters of our cities. He might be in the hospital rooms and nursing homes where the aging baby boomers are discovering that their years of independence from responsibility and any organized religion are now haunting them as they die alone and afraid. Jesus loves them and He would be there.

He is heading over the hill to that next village, that next place where He will find that person who needs to hear of this kingdom of life and God’s Son.

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