Epiphany 2, 2024

Epiphany reveals Jesus to us. Having cloaked Him in the incarnation at Christmas, Epiphany peels back the wrapper just a little bit so we can see the divine Christ who is incarnate in Jesus of Nazareth. What do you expect to see? What would be your proof of Jesus’ divine nature? Would He look more like the superheroes of the Marvel comic films which are so popular today? Would He glow in the dark? Would He do miracles? What would make you say, “Ah, now that’s divine!”

The Gospel writers all point to a feature about Jesus. He was magnetic. He attracted people. They were drawn to him. Now, of course, some crazy and wicked people have also had this ability to draw people. I think our enemy deliberately mimics some of Jesus’ characteristics to poison our minds about Him. But knowing that means we can see the attraction of Jesus as something in another category than that of a demagogue or cult leader. Just because bad guys have an attribute, doesn’t mean the attribute is bad. Jesus drew people to Himself. All four of the Gospel writers speak of Jesus popularity and the intense devotion which He inspired in His followers. They said this is an indication of His divinity.

Think about that. He has drawn you. Chances are you could have done another job, made more money, been more successful by some measure. But He called you. You heard. You might have resisted, but eventually, His call drew you in. I am always amazed to find a church with people in it on Sunday morning. That is something of a miracle in itself, especially in the world in which we live that denigrates and devalues religious expression of any kind, but particularly the traditional Christian kind. He keeps calling and people keep hearing. In some parts of the world that appeal is visibly working in the many who assert faith in Christ for the first time. But even here, where it sometimes feels like Christianity is in retreat, Jesus calls and people listen. You did.

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