Easter III

The picture above hangs in my office, a gift from an elderly woman in a prior parish. A similar version hung in my parents home when I was a child. The story of the Emmaus Disciples has long inspired Christians with hope, longing, and challenged our complacency and inherent disbelief. The preacher this week will want to come to this sermon with an extra measure of expectation and humility. The same Jesus who suddenly appeared in the breaking of the bread will be speaking through you this week. Pray that your people see Him, hear His voice, and are inspired by His Spirit. Remember, they are not here to see you.

The idea that Jesus might just sidle up to us as we walk down the road of life and engage us in conversation is an attractive one. The preacher should hold this out as a possibility for every life. Let every day be latent with this possibility. Indeed, let every day be filled with this reality. For the Jesus who walked that road with them has promised to be present with us, to the very end of the age.

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