Easter 6, 2024

It is hard to imagine getting weary of Easter, but by week six and seven I think we are bumping up against some modern sensibilities. We have a short attention span. We like our food to be fast, we like our internet to be fast, we like everything to be fast. But Easter forces us to slow down and think about this resurrection thing longer than we might otherwise do. There are some astounding implications to resurrection, if you just take a moment to think about them. What will it be like to be living forever. Death looms so large over our living now. Whole industries and careers are devoted to keeping us from dying (medicine!) and dealing with the aftereffects of dying (funeral homes.) But think about something like retirement planning. We are shooting to have enough money for retirement, but we only need so much because eventually we will die. The insurance company has an army of actuarial mathematicians who are computing the odds that you will live 83 years and six months verses eight months.

Heaven and resurrected life just doesn’t have that. I think the more sobering issue is what will we do so we don’t go crazy in eternity? Afterall, I have a well refined ability to make myself miserable. I do foolish things. I have soured relationships with my thoughtless words and deeds, and sometimes by my cruel words and deeds. I am a fool in so many ways. Would not an eternity of this life eventually turn into a living hell? Can I really imagine being married that long?

The preacher will call people to trust this week. God is doing more than just making us alive and taking away the medical reasons for our death. He is giving us a real life, a life which we can only imagine or which defies our imagination. We get glimpses of it. The predation which we think is normal will go away (lions and lambs will lie down together!) But what will that mean for the way I live, for the ways that I am? The preacher will want to cast that vision today!

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