Easter 5, 2024

When you are between two bright lights, one will overpower the other and cast a shadow into the other’s light. If you walk toward the other light, however, at some point the relationship will reverse and the shadow is cast the other way. The Easter season has two bright lights on either end, the Resurrection of course and the festival of Pentecost. We started in the glow of Resurrection on March 31 and have been basking in its glow. are just crossing that line and the light of Pentecost is starting to assert its light. Jesus speaks of being connected to Him in this week’s Gospel reading, using the image of a vine and branches which bear fruit because that vine pushes the sap to those branches. But that sap brings to mind the work of the Holy Spirit. The light of Pentecost is starting to wax. Its glow pulls us forward, while Resurrection light warms us still. It is a good season to be in.

The image of the vine is important for us – John picks up its theme in the Epistle reading and the story of Philip’s encounter with the Ethiopian Eunuch round out a powerful trifecta of readings this week. God is at work in us. He is empower our words, arranging our lives, making us into the witnesses by which His kingdom comes and grows. Enjoy preaching this week!

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