Easter 4 – Good Shepherd Sunday

He is risen! But have you ever wondered what He is doing right now? The activities of the deity don’t really belong to a “right now” but I do so I have to frame the question that way. What is Jesus doing now that He has risen from the dead. We could imagine Him as the ultimate executive authority, constantly attended by a cloud of administrative assisting angels, occupying the center of a vast bureaucracy. But that doesn’t really fit. He could be the disengaged absolute monarch who lets the day to day affairs of the universe get handled by some underlings while he pursues hobbies and interests. But that also doesn’t quite for us.

The Bible gives us this image. Jesus is shepherding. The image of God as our shepherd is ancient. The appointed psalm for the day is number 23 in which David delights that God is his Shepherd. But Ezekiel also has an extended development of the metaphor and we read of other ancient cultures who use this metaphor.

What do we imagine that Jesus’ shepherding does for us? How is He present today with staff in hand, leading, guiding, helping, and protecting us? The preacher will want to think about that before he sits down to write this sermon.

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