Christmas Day

It is the preacher’s Christmas this year. Falling on Sunday, we do not have as many extra services in the week. Look out, next year is something of the Preacher’s Nightmare. Christmas Eve falls on Sunday, so you will have Advent IV in the morning, Christmas Eve in the evening, and then, if you observe Christmas Day with a service, another one on Monday morning. You and the musicians will be ready for a break on Tuesday!

Preaching Christmas is always a bit of a challenge. I urge you to avoid some of the common pitfalls. Give the people who only come twice a year a bit of a break. After all, if you are only attending church twice per year, Christmas and Easter are your best choices. It is not a night or a day for excessive sobriety. Rather, shoot for a joyful substance. Christ has been born to save the world. There is a whole year to unpack the meaning of that in all its details. Today, it is time to sing with angels and wonder with shepherds at what God has done.

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