Month: February 2024

Lent 3, 2024

We live in a time of transition and change. The things which my grandparents thought were absolutely true and good are often considered wicked and false by many today. We

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Lent II, 2024

Imagine being one of those folks enrolled in the catechumenate long ago. Your Lenten instruction started with the temptation of Christ, His victory over the evil one. You are joyful

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Lent I, 2024

The journey to Easter begins. I have always been fascinated by the origins of this season in the preparation of catechumens for their baptism at the vigil of Easter. The

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Transfiguration, 2024

Mark places the Transfiguration account exactly in the middle of his account of the Gospel. Ancient authors often placed something important in the middle of the book. They seem to

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