Month: August 2023

Pentecost 14, 2023

What a difference a week makes, or how about a few verses. This past week we heard Peter make his confession of faith. Jesus is the Christ the Son of

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Pentecost 13, 2023

Frederick Dale Bruner wrote a very good commentary on the Gospel according to Matthew which I have recommended elsewhere. He divides it into two volumes, the first he entitled “The

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Pentecost 12, 2023

Are you ready to have your world turned upside down? Of course not. Who is? But you might want to brace yourself this week. Jesus is flipping the tables and

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Pentecost 11, 2023

Jesus walks on water in this week’s Gospel reading. The phrase has remained in our popular parlance, even when people have no idea of the Gospel referent. Of course, we

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