Month: May 2023

Trinity, 2023

We come to the feast of the Holy Trinity this week. It might feel a little uncomfortable for the preacher, but that is a good thing. Preaching is inherently a

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Pentecost Day – 2023

The confessional Lutheran preacher who ascends to the pulpit on Pentecost often finds himself in a bit of a quandary. To our right stand the unruly mass of Charismatics and

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Easter 7, 2023

Have you ever thought of Jesus as rich? We usually see him depicted in the poverty of his first century carpenter garb. Sometimes he gets a sash where the disciples

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Easter VI, 2023

The Easter season comes to its closing chapters, but it does not end with a whimper but with fire and Spirit. Pentecost is the bookend of this festal season we

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Easter V, 2023

I have long contended that if you really want to know what a preacher or a congregation really believes, you should attend a few funerals. It is a little voyeuristic,

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