Month: August 2022

Pentecost 13, 2022

I have had the sad blessing of presiding at some funerals lately. These were friends and pillars of the congregations which serve. I will miss them. One of them retired

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Pentecost 12, 2022

The Pharisees have Jesus where they want Him today. It is the Sabbath. There is this Sabbath meal, probably at the home of a wealthy member of the community of

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Pentecost 11, 2022

Jesus speaks of a narrow way. Our culture does not like narrowness. We see it as an intolerable vice. Ironically, we can be very narrow minded about narrowmindedness. If you

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Pentecost 10, 2022

If you did not think of it yet, it is probably too late. This is a good week to schedule a vacation. Our Lord says he has come to set

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Pentecost 9, 2022

Jesus enjoins us not to worry. It seems like there is plenty to worry about today. Between Russia’s war in Ukraine, a shaky economy, and climactic chaos which has fallen

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