Month: November 2021

Advent I – 2021

It is the first week of Advent. I have to admit that sneaked up on me this year. Advent is such a strange experience for the pastor. It was designed

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Advent I

By now you have heard the disturbing news of the horror at the Christmas parade in Wisconsin over the weekend. We pray for the good people of Wisconsin. Between a

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Christ the King

“So, you are a king?” Cynical Pontius Pilate spoke those words at Jesus’ trial. But as is often the case, in the Gospels the enemies of Christ speak the most

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Pentecost 25 and the Eschaton

I like monster movies. It is probably a side effect of growing up in the Midwest with long winters and a local independent television station which would show a week’s

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All Saints Day – 2021

It is the Feast of All Saints this week. My Saxon forebears in ancient times would have been afraid. They believed that in this time the world of the dead

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